16 May 2024 | Vilnius, Lithuania

Thursday, 16 May 2024 | 15:00 - 15:20

Challenges in Current Fields – How Fully Autonomous Driving Systems Become Reality

  • Autonomous drive

Over the past two decades, driver assistance systems have significantly increased safety and comfort on the road, thus benefiting our society. Systems that have been defined, developed & validated through millions of kilometers simulation to ensure the safety of the driver support which is provided for their journeys from A to B on country roads, motorways and in city traffic.

A promising example of a timely market launch within the next 3 years is the autonomous truck. Here, not only are the latest technologies brought together in a high-performance system, but new business models are also established to be able to offer extensive systems as a commercially scalable solution.

In a deep dive, the presentation shows how Continental, together with its partner Aurora, will put autonomous truck systems on the road from 2027 onwards, thus paving the way for L4 systems.

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